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Upgrade Automatic shoe sole cleaning machine boot shoe sole cleaner with high quality motor


Body material: ABS plastic

Automatic or not : Yes

Machine size: 34x34x9cm

Machine weight: 8kg

Power: 30W

Water box volume: 0.3L

Just Step your shoe into this machine,wait for 3-5 seconds,clearing is done.

Stop dirt being trampled into your building. This machine will remove all contamination from the soles of shoes and workmen’s boots. It is suitable for use in clean rooms, building sites, Coal Mines, Power Stations, Golf Clubs, Bakeries, food factories, and can remove all debris from boots and shoes. Grass, mud, cement, flour, chocolate, dust, and chemicals. These machines are especially suited for clean room applications where there is a need to prevent dust dirt being trampled into a protected area.


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